2017  Upcoming Dates
Singularity: A Future Reality Sound (2017)
Conceptual Virtual Reality Live Performance
Hank’s Errand Presents TGS VR (2017)
Virtual Reality Live Performance
Intersection: Artery (2016)
Tabletop Human Conductive Sound Experience 
The Staring Contest (2016)
Computer-Vision Reactive Staring Contest
Anthropomorphic Mirage (2016)
A Series of Algorithmic 3D Drawings
Skybison Tour (2015)
Carefully Curated Live Music Visuals
Tarocco: A Soldier’s Tale (2015)
Projection Mapped Interactive Dance
Appalachian Winter (2015)
Live-controlled Scenic Backdrops
Open Circuits (2015)
Crowd Controlled Interactive Music Visuals
Xeyallari (2015)
Dissociative Lucid Dream in Waking Life
Animalia (2014)
Projection Mapping for Live Circus
Plink Blink (2014)
Blink-Controlled Collaborative Sampler
Trial Separation (2014)
Taste-Focused Instantaneous Experiment
Yellow Cave (2012)
Audiovisual Womb of Fetal Echoes
The Vitamin Ferret Collection (2012-2016)
(2D Digital) Things To Make You Stop Making Sense